9/1/18: September 2018 Update

5:41 AM

Oh, boy! It's time for another update post! Historically, these are things that few of you read and, if you read them, I don't know if you enjoy/want to read more of them. These are posts I mostly write to keep track of myself and to introduce some new things for the blog.

This is a photo of beer kegs used at our wedding. It's to entice you into reading this post.
Before going any further, let me say that this post will make a reference or two to my January 2018 Update, so, if you feel so inclined, check that out.

Okay, let's get started with the good stuff. I'm adding a Ko-fi link to the sidebar (and clicking the text "Ko-fi link" just now will take you there). If you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket (or are simply feeling similarly generous) why not donate a beer to the blog? Now, I know Ko-fi is supposed to exist so fans can buy creators coffee, but I'm not about that. Instead, each $3 donated for a "coffee" will go towards a beer on the blog. In the message, please specify the style of beer (or, if it can be easily found in southwestern Ohio, the exact beer) you want me to pick up and review!

On your end, this whole Ko-fi thing is completely voluntary. You do not have to donate any money for my beer reviewing whatsoever. The blog will keep on keeping on as it always has with no Ko-fi support. I just figured this would be a fun thing to try out, you know?

Now, to turn our attention to other matters, it's September now. Fall seasonals are calling. So far this year I've been trying to keep the blog focused on beers you can find pretty easily regardless of the season. But now that's going to change. This month, I'll be focusing on Oktoberfests. Expect three or four posts about them. I'll be going all Spooky Finger Puppet Ghost Month in October and you'll see some pumpkin/Halloween-themed brews. November will be pretty normal programming (no really exclusive beers). It might be a little light on content but I'll try to get in a Thanksgiving review.

Then, in December, I'll keep up with the tradition of the last few years: I'll mix and match a sixer of Christmas beers and do a post for each one of them. I really like the Christmas posts, so December is something to which I look forward!

Moving away from directly blog-related things, my social media hasn't been quite where I wanted it to be at this point. My Instagram's going well, but I still need to step up my Twitter game.

And my Untappd. Oh, my Untappd. I started this year with a resolution to check every beer I drank in 2018 into the app. I'm actually sorry to say that I've thrown in the towel. I was going strong until my wedding. I had many beers at the ceremony and I wasn't about to break out my phone to check them all in. Eventually I got so backlogged with beer that I just couldn't even think about keeping up with Untappd. The good news is that all the craziness in my life is subsiding and I'll be able to focus on the blog a little more now.

There you have it! Thanks for keeping up with John Likes Beer so far this year and please continue to check in throughout the rest of 2018 and beyond.

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