8/10/23: Brewyard Beer Company's Tripel of Wisdom

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May, June, and (excepting Christmas in July) July slipped by me. I'd say I don't know how, but that'd be a bold-faced lie. I know exactly how those three months got lost: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom released. I knew it was coming and I knew it'd consume my life. That's exactly what happened.

Tripel of Wisdom poured into a green pint glass featuring the Triforce beside the Collector's Edition of Tears of the Kingdom and the beer's can.

While I'd initially planned to cobble this review together for the game's launch, I figured I'd actually just rather play the thing. Now, having given the game well over 150 hours of my life, I've finally finished it. Hyrule's at peace. Ganon's defeated. And titular princess? Well, that's a spoiler. 

To celebrate my (and Link's) victory, I'm at long last drinking the first and only Zelda-themed beer I've ever encountered: Brewyard Beer Company's Tripel of Wisdom.

Close up on Tripel of Wisdom's can.

Glendale, CA's first microbrewery, Brewyard ("About" page here) is housed in a converted warehouse. Founded in 2015 by Kirk and Sherwin (two guys who have been buds since high school), the brewery specializes in lagers, although they dabble with Belgian-style ales and barrel aging. The owners have Japanese and Filipino heritage, so they also like to make use of traditional Asian flavors as adjuncts. 

Tripel of Wisdom can't be found on Brewyard's Beers List, so, like always, we'll turn to Untappd for our intel on it. The beer's a Belgian Triple-style ale that clocks in at 9% ABV. It boasts notes of clove, apricot, and pear and features boozy warmth and a honey-like malt flavor.

Description of beer printed on its label.

I have to say, I'm impressed with the aroma notes listed for the ale because I'm getting both clove and pear from the its nose. The former's delivered by a quick waft that also brings me raisins, white grapes, brown sugar, honey, caramel, and straw. There's a little boozy punch here that's quickly followed by even more fruit: apples, pineapples, and, layered intricately here, even more pear. It's a delectable bouquet. Purrl gave it seven whiffs, indicating some kind of approval.

Purrl in her cat tree sniffing a glass of Tripel of Wisdom.
She looks a little bit like TotK character Mineru here.
The tripel has triumphant flavors of the aforementioned fruits (bolstered with plums and an extra emphasis on the grapes). Behind these fruits, I find straw and a little yeast. The sweetness dries out in the finish, though ghosts it them linger with an oaky quality and a mere shadow of alcohol oomph, which is far less powerful than I thought it'd be.

Since I poured my beer into a glass (it's a special occasion, after all), I can talk about the delicately laced its white bubbles are, each a unique size that leads to a head with an almost cloud-like quality. The glass from which I'm drinking (you may note it's a special Zelda one) is tinted green, however, so I can't really go into much detail about the ale's appearance.

Tripel of Wisdom head.

Tripel of Wisdom's mouthfeel is just about where I'd want it to be: crisp and immensely quaffable, yet slightly more viscous than I expected.

You know, I bet this is exactly the kind of beer Link would drink after his long quest. He'd return home to his spot just south of Tarrey Town; unbuckle his boots; hang up his sword, bow, and shield; and kick back with a cold can of Tripel of Wisdom. As he'd drink, the whole of his adventures would wash over him and he'd relive their highlights as that kind of exhaustion that usually only comes after a long day of good work settles over him. That's what's settling over me right now, having helped the Hylian achieve his goal.

Tripel of Wisdom can, TotK Collector's Edition box, TotK game case.

I'm ecstatic that I found a beer like Brewyard's Tripel of Wisdom to celebrate my time with of one of this generation's classic video games. This beer nets an easy 9.0/10 from me. I still have four cans of it left that I plan to drink in commemoration of the next four Zelda titles--just don't expect blog posts to accompany those.

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