3/25/22: Sonder Brewing's William Goat

11:36 AM

Did you really think I was about to let March slip away without writing about a bock? Because, c'mon. Of course I wouldn't do that.

Truth is, I was just procrastinating on this post until I'd filed my income tax returns. The problem is, I was also procrastinating on those because, well, I really don't like doing my taxes. Today, though, I got them filed. Now all that's left to do is drink my bock, which is Sonder's William Goat.

Sonder Brewing (here's their website) is based out of Mason, OH. The team holds a cumulative 20+ years of brewing experience, which they leverage to make award-winning, unique flavor-forward beers. They also have a weekly podcast, which is a rad thing to do.

William Goat, boasting a 6.8% ABV is one of those flavor-forward beers. It's official writeup (part way down this page) calls it a malty lager with notes of cracker, chocolate, and caramel. Exactly what I want on a chilly, cloudy late-March afternoon.

The nose on my can is all caramel, biscuits and honey, raisins, and some big German(-esque, at least) hops. I'm not personally picking up on any cracker-like aromas from William, but that's fine; this is a beer I can't wait to dive into regardless. 

Purrl, on the other hand, isn't as immediately smitten with the lager as I am. She only gave my can three whiffs, posing just long enough for me to snap a picture. Her loss, I guess.

That first draw is wonderful. William Goat is bigger and more flavorful than the bouquet let on. The first note I get is that traditional German lager sweetness (biscuits, honey, freshly-baked bread) but this is quickly followed by pumpernickel, raisin, plum, and fudge. The finish here is chocolate-covered raisins. The bock's truly something special.

All this aside, William Goat drinks how any good lager should--full, crushable, refreshing.

You know, my garden's coming along nicely. No, I haven't planted anything yet (which is just as well, seeing as how we're supposed to get some snow tomorrow). But I've been out working in it every week like clockwork, trying to keep it prepared for when it's finally sustainably warm enough to plant.

How am I doing this? Aerating the dirt, pulling weeds as they pop up, and just making sure the soil's soft and nutrient-rich. It's a lot of work, but I'm hoping it really pays off. 

Why am I bringing this up? Well, springtime, pre-planting garden work always calls for a good post-choring beer. William Goat would be a great beer for that.

Look, I won't mince words here. William Goat is the best beer I've had from Sonder (which is definitely saying something since I haven't had anything close to a bad beer from them). It's a 9.5/10. Pencil it onto your "Buy on Sight" list. Thank me later.

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