5/7/21: Genesee Brewing Company's Spring Bock

11:27 AM

This is a post I've been sitting on writing for a long time. I first had Genesee Spring Bock (then just "Bock Beer," a spring seasonal) back in 2018. Since then, I've had plans on writing about it during some springtime on the blog. Each year since, I've consumed my final can of the stuff before getting around to blogging it.

Here in 2021, however, I decided that ought to finally change. I stuck a can from my 12-pack in the back of my fridge for safe keeping. You might think I've forgotten about it--that's not the case. While I had planned to write this in late-March, time quickly got away from me. Now, just as it's almost no longer relevant for this year, I'm finally able to sit down and tell you about Spring Bock.

Genesee is, obviously, not a craft brewery. Still, the brewery (owned by FIFCO) has a history dating to 1857. Back then, Genesee was known as the Rau & Reisky Brewery (which soon changed to Reisky & Spies), a brewery, saloon, and bowling alley. The Genesee name officially came to the brewery after it was purchased by Mathius Kondolf in 1878. Since then the brewery's changed hands a few times but, barring Prohibition, has produced beer ever since. The whole timeline of this historic brewery can be found on its "About" page

Spring Bock is one of Genesee's Specialty offerings. This is a spring seasonal the company's put out since 1951. Genesee says this 5.2% ABV brew "...is a full-bodied beer with a slightly malty finish."

The bock has a strong malty nose of biscuits, honey, and toffee. There's a subtle hoppiness here, too, but that's it. It's an upfront bouquet that doesn't pull its punches. Purrl gave my can five whiffs, which means it isn't too bad. But, were I her, I'd give the can about eight, if you know what I mean.

That same malty backbone that runs headlong through the bock's nose is here in the flavor profile: biscuity, honey-sweet with a touch of toffee and a hint of white rice. Those hops I noted above hops in the finish, adding a much-needed bite to the beer.

Mouthfeel-wise, Spring Bock is a bock. It drinks like one. Foamy, crushable, and quenching.

I always look forward to the annual release Spring Bock because it means that mowing season is here. Spring Bock is always my first lawnmower of the season, I crack into it when I take a quick break between mowing and edging. My face is always grimey and sweaty, and, damn, if it doesn't elevate the beer.

Sitting on my porch this afternoon drinking Genesee's Spring Bock, decidedly not on a break from cutting the grass, I still enjoy it. It's not an all-time best beer in my eyes, but it's a fine, reliable brew. I'm giving it an official score of 8.0/10. Welcome, spring. I know you're about to bow out to summer, but I hope you hang around a bit longer until that happens.

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