6/6/20: Ko-fi Update

4:31 PM

Is there a specific beer/beer style you've been waiting for me to write about? Well, good news! Now you can specifically request a brew while having your money go to a good cause!

Until the end of July 2020, I'm running a Ko-fi special (that link'll take you to my Ko-fi page). Buy me seven "coffees" ($21) and let me know what beer you want me to review. I'll spend $10 of your "coffees" on the beer and give the other $11 to a cause you specify from the list below and match your $11 to that cause. If the beer you request costs more than $10, I'll pay the difference for it myself. If it's less than $10, the remainder of your money will go toward your specified cause.

Causes you can ask for your money to go to:

  • Your local bail fund (you'll have to link me to this if you choose it)
  • A Black/human rights related cause not listed above (again, you'll have to link me)
I'll send you a link to the blog post for your choice of beer when it's up, and I'll also send reciepts of any donation your support helps me to make.

There are some caveats I need to cover:
  1. If you neglect to specify a cause for your money to go to, it'll be blogger's choice (the Cincinnati bail fund)
  2. Your beer/style needs to be readily available in Greater Cincinnati. I won't be joining Tavour or anything for this
  3. If you request a beer that's a seasonal I won't be able to make the post until that seasonal's available
  4. If I cannot find a beer/style you request, I'll do my damnedest to find the closest thing to it
  5. You cannot request a beer from a brewery that's had sexual/racial/homophobic allegations levied against it (meaning no Founders). While I'll buy these beers on occasion (such as when a bottleshop slashes the price to loose their remaining stock from these companies [like what Dayton's Barrel House did last year], because then I'm just supporting the bottleshop), I'm not looking to do this here
  6. If you don't specify a beer/style, it'll be blogger's choice
  7. I'm setting a $25 cap on requested beer
Let's get on this!

Black Lives Matter.

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