6/25/2020: Coors Brewing Company's Keylightful

3:56 PM

This'll be my final June beer post. We're a month away from Christmas in July, so I hope you're looking forward to that. Oh, and there'll most likely be a few posts between here and there. Today feels like a good day to leave June as it is.

Also, this post will be a little different from my usual posts. After this paragraph I typically launch into the history of the brewery. Today's brewery is Coors and I don't really want to do that. They're American big beer. You can look them up yourself. Also, I'm not really going to go into much about the beer itself. It's Keylightful, a raspberry lime Keystone Light that Coors seems to have brewed to replicate the success of Naturdays. It's 4.1% ABV and you can find pretty much just that on Keystone Light's website. I got a 30-pack for $10.

Here we go.

I get both the raspberry and the lime on the nose. The bouquet is incredibly sweet--this smells like a fruit cocktail more than a beer. In fact, I can't smell any beer here. Which probably is a good thing. I had a few Keystone Lights during mid-quarantine and they didn't really win me over with their aromatics. So, overall, the nose is pretty meh. Purrl doesn't think so, though. She refused to turn her head to even acknowledge my open can.

Keylightful's flavor profile is also incredibly sweet. There's a lot of artificial raspberry tempered every so slightly with the lime. There's that standard lite beer hollowness in the flavor--kind of like the flavor aspartame gives to diet soda. Actually, it's just like aspartame. I'd almost bet that's in here. If I'm really digging for it, I can find a touch of that good ol' American macro lager riciness here, but it's not super prominent and, if I didn't know this was a beer, I'd think it's a subpar wine cooler.

Each pull from my can is an explosion of carbonation. Again, I find I'm thinking of a soda. Really, really bubbly.

So, what does Keylight remind me of? Fireworks on Independence Day. For my internship during the summer before my senior year of undergrad, I dragged Michelle along to Upstate New York with me. After deciding to get out of the apartment we were staying in for the holiday, we looked up directions to a local fairground where the county was setting off fireworks.

It got a little chilly when the sun went down, but we threw a blanket over the patch of grass we'd claimed for the evening. I bought some jerk chicken from one of the vendors and we "oohed" and "aahed" along with the rest of the crowd as the lights blazed overhead.

Okay. Coors' Keylightful reminds me of fireworks (which I like), but that doesn't make it a good beer. It's a 5.0/10. If you can get it cheap like I did, I guess go for it. But, really, for a fruit-flavored summery American macro lager, go with Naturdays. I'll see if I can get a post for that up later this season (don't get your hopes up for a high rating on that, though. It's only marginally better than Keylightful).

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