5/11/18: Shakoolie (A semi-sponsored post)

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It wasn't until late-summer of 2013 that I learned the power of a shower beer. I'd been working my tail off as a deli clerk all summer and I was soon set to launch into my first courses as a grad student. I was super stressed. Michelle figured this out. She told me that she'd read online about how great shower beers were and recommended I try one.

Now, up to this point I'd only known the concept of a shower beer as a Simpsons gag. But I figured hey, what the hell? I need to unwind a bit before I lost my mind completely. I opened the fridge, grabbed a Rolling Rock (which is, to this day, my favorite cheap macro), and hopped into the shower. The experience I had was eye-opening, and, ever since, I enjoy shower beers on a regular basis (like after I mow the lawn, for instance).

Cut to a few days ago when Phil from Shakoolie sent me an email offering me a Shakoolie to try. The deal was that I'd consider writing a blog post about the product to share my experiences. Well, here we are.

Soon after replying to Phil, a box from Shakoolie showed up on my doorstep. While the package was pretty beat up (thanks, USPS) the goods inside were just fine. To my surprise, Phil sent me two Shakoolies, which is great because my house happens to have to showers! I snapped a quick few pics of the package and its contents before putting it all away for the night.

Pretty banged up.

I cut the grass next day and tore into one of the Shakoolies as soon as my mower and edger were the shed. As I went to install the product in my shower I made two quick observations:

1) I'd thought that the Launch Pad (the thing to which the Shakoolie koozie sticks) would suction onto the wall of my shower. Nope. It's a sticker that sticks onto whatever surface of which your shower's comprised.

2) The Shakoolie sticks to the Launch Pad via velcro technology. I thought that maybe Shakoolie employed magic or magnets to attach the beer to the Launch Pad. But velcro works just fine.

I stuck my beer into the Shakoolie. The beer was my last can of Milwaukee's Best Ice (yep, I do drink macro beer as well as craft beer, I just vastly prefer the latter). The Shakoolie was a heavy duty styrofoam-encased-in-a-rubbery-coating affair like what you'd get from a koozie bought in a tourist trap on vacation, far from the cheap fabric koozies you'd get for free at brewery events.

I showered up and downed my beer. And you know what? The Shakoolie worked perfectly. The velcro held strong and kept my beer away from the water. The Shakoolie kept my can cold. When you consider the tasteful designs printed on the product, there's not much more I could ask for from Shakoolie.

I do have a few observations and general "other things" to say. Yes, the Launch Pad sticks readily to the shower but since it's a sticker holding it in place I'm not sure how the glue would affect the wall of your shower if you ever go to remove it. A review from jennybee89 on Shakoolie's website says it doesn't leave residue but I haven't personally verified that statement. Secondly, although the Shakoolie koozie has a finger-sized hole in the bottom, I made sure to turn it upside down when I was done in the shower to prevent any mold, scum, or mildew from building up inside if it sat with water in it. Lastly, Shakoolie says to only use cans with your Shakoolie. Please only use cans with a Shakoolie. If you use a bottle and something goes awry--boom. Shards of glass all over your tub and embedded in your bare feet.

So, what's the verdict? I'd seriously been considering purchasing a Shakoolie for some time and, at just under $10 for a Shakoolie and a Launch Pad, the thing's a steal. It works. Shower beers are awesome. If you agree with that last statement, this should be a no-brainer for you. Click the first link in this post (or here) and nab one for yourself. And if you choose to enjoy a macro beer as your first Shakoolie beer, know that this is a judgement-free zone.

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