9/28/17: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery's MIdas Touch

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I've always had an appreciation for Dogfish Head. Historically their beers have fallen in that "just above my price range" category of my drinking budget. Now that I've indulged in more than a few of their brews I see why they're just out of my price range--they're damn good.

Last year my friend shared the That's Odd, Let's Drink It YouTube series with me. That was my first exposure to Sam Calagione as more than some name behind some beer. I could tell that, apart from having an immensely entertaining personality, Sam had a genuine love of beer. Recently, Michelle and I powered through the Discovery Channel show Brew Masters, which is a document of Dogfish Head and the lengths they go to in order to give people the best possible beer.

It's safe to say that these have given me a newfound respect for the Delaware brewery. So much so that when I saw a four pack of Midas Touch, part of Dogfish Head's Ancient Ale program, I sprung for it. I didn't even have second thoughts about it's $14 price tag.

Here's the question: Is the beer, and my newly minted infatuation with Dogfish Head, worth it?

Well, yes. The answer is yes. This isn't a blind review. This is my third bottle of Midas Touch. But, since you stuck around after that hook and its resolution, you might as well read the rest of this post, huh?

So, what do we know about Dogfish Head? Well, apart from the link above in which Sam divulges some of his history (seriously, please watch That's Odd, Let's Drink It), the homepage of the brewery reveals that they've been around doing their thing since 1995. What originally began as a brewpub has grown massively and the brand now boasts an inn as well as a liquor line.

They also have their aforementioned Ancient Ale program. Midas Touch (click that link to go to its official page) was the first beer in that program. It was concocted from ingredients found in what is presumed to be the actual 2,700 year old tomb of King Midas. The 9% ABV ale (which drinks like a lager, so it's a little dangerous) is available year round. It's brewed with honey, muscat grapes, and saffron and has notes of melon and biscuits.

I'm getting heavy hints of white wine from the ale's bouquet. There's some honey mixed in there, as well as some definite biscuitiness. I'm really not picking up much in the melon department here. But, to be honest, I don't need to get that from the aroma because it's already so good and inviting. Hell, even Purrl likes it. She gave it seven whiffs, which is just about as high as her scale goes these days.

I'm still getting some wineness in the ale's flavor but it's more of a mead than a traditional grape wine. And the malt notes really add to the flavor. To tell you the truth, Midas Touch tastes like biscuits with honey. It's insane and King Midas really had a great taste in beer.

I said earlier that the ale drinks like a lager. That's really true. It's crushable and crisp. Perfect for a warm early autumn day. And, would you look at that. That's exactly what today is.

When my brother and I were kids, our grandparents would come to our place and watch us whenever our parents were out of town. During these occasions (usually lasting for about a week) we'd always have KFC once. We'd pick it up in the early evening when the sun was still shining, drive it back to the house, and dive in. We'd eat together while the sun set and they regaled us with tales of my dad when he was our age. It may just be the honey and biscuit combination I mentioned above, but today's beer reminds me of those KFC times with my grandparents. And that's a good thing. It's nice to think of them.

Anyway, this is Dogfish Head. Dogfish Head makes quality ales. Midas Touch is no exception. Crisp, delicious, ancient. It gets an easy 9.5/10 from me. You know what? I just have to say it: This is a Midas Touch you really can trust.

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