6/21/15: Socialite Post - Madtree Brewing's Taproom

4:01 PM

Last night my girlfriend and I were feeling cooped up in our hot apartment so we headed out for a night on the town. Well, not really on the town. More just one specific destination: Madtree's taproom.

I had been there before to try their brews in sample their cuisine and, although my girlfriend doesn't usually care for beer, I talked her into going with me by promising her pizza and Dreamsicle (a magically delicious brew that tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle).

When we arrived at Madtree we found a seat, ordered pizza, and bought beer. Much to our dismay Dreamsicle was no longer on the menu. So I grabbed myself an Identity Crisis (a 6.9% ABV hoppy porter) and picked up a sample of Boysen the Hood (a pink boysenberry brew at 4.7% ABV) for her to try. She liked it (which is great because the only other beer she's ever enjoyed is Not Your Father's Root Beer), so I bought her a pint. 

Purrl and Boysen the Hood. She gave it four whiffs.
Immediately after returning to our table with drinks in hand my phone buzzed telling me our pizza was done. What I was told would be a thirty-minute wait for it was completed in less than ten. I snagged it and split it with my date.

After devouring our dinner I returned to the bar for a pint of Seeds & Stems, a session beer containing, amongst other ingredients, hemp and shiitake mushrooms. I wasn't sure how it would taste but somehow the geniuses at Madtree managed to turn its disjointed parts into a delectable whole.

Before leaving to head home for the evening we bought a growler and had it filled with Boysen the Hood. I'm currently having a pint from it.

The entire date was less than $50 including pizza, three pints, a sample, a growler and fill-up, and tips.

What did I think of the beer? I posted, in real time, mini reviews to my Untappd (I'll do this every time I have a beer when I'm out). But, to save you a click of the link: I'm still training myself to like hoppy beers so Identity Crisis isn't my type of brew (yet); Seeds & Stems blew my mind--I didn't know such odd ingredients could make a beer taste so awesome; and Boysen the Hood is deliciously fruity and perfect for hot summer days. In case you're wondering, the pizza (brick oven, mind you) was great.

I'll have a legitimate review of a Madtree brew coming your way sometime in the near future. But I wanted to write this and tell you that if you're ever in Greater Cincinnati (more specifically Kennedy Heights/Pleasant Ridge), you owe it to yourself to stop by Madtree. They're incredible and take really great care of you. And you should pick up some of their brews whenever you happen to see them, while you're at it.

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