4/30/15: Busch's Signature Copper Lager

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Anheuser-Busch is the Disney of beer. This comparison is all the more fitting once you realize that this beer company owns a string of theme parks including SeaWorld and Sesame Place (the Sesame Street park). These guys have had, for a long time, a stranglehold on the brewing industry run a business full of beer brands that I drink and genuinely enjoy: Rolling Rock, Stella Artois, Landshark, and Johnny Appleseed (which is a cider), among others. But, they also have brews that are a blight upon an industry full of great beverages that pass unnoticed by the masses because of Anheuser's enormous market presence. These include Budweiser in all its various forms, Michelob, Cobra, and Natty.

Now don't get me wrong. Bud, Michelob, Cobra, and Natty all have their places. They're usually at college parties where they get people (who may or may not be of legal drinking age) hammered. Thankfully, none of those beers have a place anywhere near my mouth or any of my other sensory receptors.

But, like I said, I find some Anheuser-Busch brands to be enjoyable. Most of these fall under my umbrella term of "butt beer." For me, this is somewhat a term of endearment. It's beer I can drink that's inexpensive and no fuss. Specific examples are Rolling Rock and, the beer I'm discussing today, Busch's Signature Copper Lager (of which a twelve pack'll run you nine bucks).

I won't go into the history of Anheuser-Busch because it doesn't really need an introduction. For better or for worse, and whether or not you enjoy its brands, it's been around forever and will continue to exist for eternity. Also, this won't be the last time I talk about one of its properties so I'll save discussing the company's past for a future post.

My dad would drink beers like Busch as I was growing up. After a long day of yard work he'd grab a can out of the fridge and crack it open (it was cheap. He's since become a craft beer man). I've been around the stuff practically my entire life. When I first heard about Busch's Signature Copper I was somewhat skeptical. But once I saw the price I nabbed a pack and was pleasantly surprised.

The aroma of the lager isn't anything special. There's no hidden scents to be discovered. It smells pretty much like most of Anheuser's flagship brands. It's unappealing. If you buy this, try not to take a whiff. Purrl didn't.

Sorry, girl.
The flavor of Busch's Signature is better than the aroma. It's crisp. Nothing about it stands out, though. It tastes like your run-of-the-mill American lager. But it's better than regular Busch. I do find that the aftertaste is a little reminiscent of toast or rice. So that's something.

Okay, so the lager's flavor and aroma are both somewhat lackluster. What about its mouthfeel? Nothing special here. If you really care about it enough to address it you say it's a little bubbly. But, really, this beer is meant to be consumed without thinking about stuff like mouthfeel.

I used to fall asleep listening to music on Pandora. The ads that played between songs would pierce my dreams. I first heard about Busch's Signature in one of these ads. It was during the wintertime and I was snuggled warm under the blanket deep in sleep. The ad woke me up because I couldn't understand what the guy in it was saying. Somehow that crazy, hard to understand campaign worked and here I am drinking the stuff.

I like Busch's Signature Copper Lager. Not in the same way I like Woodchuck or any of those Michigan brews I tried. I like it in that, if I need a cheap beer to grab so I can unwind after a long day and not have to worry about how it tastes or smells, it gets the job done. At 5.7% ABV a few of bottles of this in a single sitting will really get the job done. So, if you've spent your beer allowance for the week/month, drop $9 bucks on this and you'll at least have something in the fridge for when your friends come over. Really, it's not bad for what it is. I give it a 6.5/10. It's miles above any of that Budweiser swill Anheuser-Busch continuously pumps out.

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